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Brandon and the Stocking Stuffers, Fox Theatre, December 2014

Inquiry Music Renewal

Welcome to the new Inquiry Music website! This was designed by my partner, Lynx Digital Media Producer Michael Ryan.  This is the new landing pad for all things related to

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Current Projects

Inquiry Music is the collective of musical efforts of Brandon Hagen. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Hagen brings his voice and instrumental talents on guitar, electric bass, and mandolin to any project he works with. Most comfortable in an indie rock environment, Hagen is just as comfortable as a solo artist or bandleader of his own original music as he is as a collaborator in numerous rock and alt-folk bands.

Current projects include:

Brandon Hagen (solo)

A solo acoustic act featuring quintessential classics and stripped-down originals. A perfect fit for craft brewpubs, wine tastings and private parties.

Klone Manor

A songwriting and performance collaboration with guitarist and vocalist Christopher Jones (Bones Muhroni, Tangerine Jam)

Too Soon?

Hagen is joined by singer and harmonica player Josh Elioseff (The Zimmermans, The Deadly Sins) for a boisterous blend of blues, rock, and singer-songwriter classics and originals.

The Inquiry

4-piece rock and roll band built around 2- and 3-part harmonies set this ensemble apart amid the recent tide of burgeoning Colorado artists.


Upcoming Events

Catch Brandon and The Inquiry at these upcoming shows:

Inquiry Music

BlackBloom - Live at Exploration Iowa Studio (2009)
BlackBloom - Silence and Sound (2009)
Brandon Hagen - Westward Bound: Outbound (2010)
Emma Back - C'est Nous (2011)
Brandon Hagen - Westward Bound: Unbound (2012)
Bones Muhroni - Bones Muhroni (2012)


Photos of Brandon Hagen and The Inquiry


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